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1st Place Winner, Vibewire's Hack4FI (Financial Inclusion) 2018

3rd Place Winner, Vibewire's Hack4Homelessness 2017



Census+ exposes all census information about an address. 'Plus' additional attributes on top of census data to gain further insights. We focus on NSW open data at this stage. Possible use cases are market segmentation, property research, risk rating, government resource allocation and others.

Chatterbot Implementation

This is a generic chatbot which can be trained for various conversational flows. Engine is separate from training data. Training data stays with the user hence intellectual property is protected.

Calo Student Management System

This web app helps education agencies manage international students who want to study and work in Australia.


mySelective is a small app to help parents determine whether their child can get into NSW selective schools. Possible use case is predictive tool for opportunity class/selective schools tutoring centers.

Code.Sydney Website

We redeveloped Code.Sydney's website in Flask. This site you are on right now is the actual project. We are also looking at evolving this into a mini-CRM application in the future.

API Performance Tester

The plan is to create a script generator to be used as bulk processing test bed for any API call.


Office Python

Office Python focusses on office productivity. This primarily caters for non-technical audience. It can be as simple as using python in excel or any other daily task at work which can be improved using automation.

Free Code Camp Sydney

Free Code Camp Sydney is a separate entity from but believes in the same purpose. Free Code Camp is an international community which intends to make learning web development accessible to anyone and help build project for non-profits.


With Matthew Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation during the presentation of our 1st place award at Vibewire's Hack4FI(Financial Inclusion).

With Quincy Larson, founder of Free Code Camp during his visit to Melbourne.


Engramar Bollas

Engramar has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Having worked in Asia, the Middle East and Australia in software development, Engramar has deep expertise in all aspects of software development lifecycle including business requirements analysis, systems design and development, product testing, release management, end-user training, pre-sales support and post-implementation support. Engramar is the current Director of Code.Sydney, a Sydney-based software development company. He is also working for Mastersoft Group (an Australian pioneer in customer data management) as their Head of Customer Support and Testing team. Engramar has obtained a degree in Mathematics major in Computer Science from the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Mathu Mousanamy

Mathu is a software developer with more than 10 years of working experience in the industry. He started his career working in Java and open source technologies and then moved on to Microsoft .Net technologies, which is his current tech stack at work. Little over a year ago, he came across an opportunity to work using Python and fell in love with it and its related technologies ever since. As a Code.Sydney mentor, he is excited to help anyone interested in learning Python at the same time while he dives deeper into it. At the moment, he enjoys exploring more and more about Python and related FOSS technologies.

Gagan Shrestha

Gagan is a Software Testing Professional with over 12 years of experience in the testing domain. Gagan's key areas of expertise includes understanding complex business requirements and formulating robust test strategies, developing test plan, test cases and automated test solutions, test case execution, defect management, and product support. His interest for Python started with test automation converting test scripts from Perl into Python. With discovery of the strength of Python to achieve significant efficiency and effectiveness, his passion has increased and he is in continuous pursuit of mastering the language. He is very excited to be part of Code.Sydney and support all who is in journey of learning Python.

Bin Liu

Bin has ten years working experience as a Software Developer and Business Intelligence consultant. His development career started with Java. Recently he is using some script languages like Python, Perl and JavaScript and actively participating as the lead developer of Census+ project. Bin has good sense in coding and is good at learning new technologies. He is interested in Python because it can be applied to many technological areas, such as web application development, data science and so on. He would like to make progress with others who are also interested in Python-related technologies.

Allan Cheung

Allan is a web developer who changed careers from compliance in property and is a graduate of Free Code Camp's front-end curriculum. After completing numerous Udemy courses on JavaScript and gaining experience as a junior web developer at BirdBrain, he likes to contribute to the coding community by hosting fortnightly meet ups on Free Code Camp Sydney's Facebook group.

Promie Yutasane

Promie Yutasane is currently working as an Accounts and Data Analyst and a part-time Master of IT student at UNSW with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as majors. He specialises in data analysis and visualisation, working with technologies such as Python, SQL, Javascript and VBA. Promie has completed FreeCodeCamp's front-end curriculum and currently exploring full stack development. Promie is passionate with both the design component and the logical aspect of programming. He is looking forward to contributing to the community by sharing the knowledge to people who want to start their journey with web development.

Tony Johnson

Despite having a Degree in Prehistory and Archaeology, Tony has survived 30 years in various IT careers; from hardware sales and service, support desk, linux systems administration, management, consultancy, and software development. He began coding commercially 8 years ago in Java for Structural Geology project, and moved on to full-stack web development. He has completed the Free Code Camp front-end and back-end curriculum for JavaScript, React/Redux, Node/Express, MongoDB and GraphQL. Tony is an active participant in Free Code Camp Sydney meetups. Currently, he is contracted as Project Manager for McLowd Financial Services Marketplace, a cloud-based software company.

Francisco Liwa

Francisco has more than 10 years of experience in Software Engineering in various domains. An Ex-IBM Engineer. Earned his Masters of Knowledge Engineering degree at National University of Singapore (NUS). He is a polyglot(C/C++, Node.js, Python and Elixir) and dabbles in data science techniques and IoT (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microbit). Active in the community with two meetups organized in Cebu City (IoT Cebu, Big Data and Data Science Cebu). A startup founder and open source advocate.


Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open source community that helps you learn to code, build pro bono projects for nonprofits, and get a job as a developer.


Prettyprinted is a specialised Flask online training course provider. They are our education partner for our Flask training.

CALO Services

CALO Services provides software solutions to fleet and education industry. Code.Sydney is helping CALO Services maintain and support its student management solution.