Let's learn Vue together

Training Details

Why Vue? Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that allows you to create compelling user interfaces efficiently and easily.
Vue and its Founder A short documentary
Vue vs React vs Angular Google Trends
Class Start Date 1st June 2020
Intake Unlimited
Target Audience Beginner developers who understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript at a basic level.
Pace We will attempt to finish at least two lessons a day but may adjust if needed.
Fee We will use Beginner path of Vue Mastery, The first course is free. Our immediate focus is just around this first course. Once finished, we will all then decide if it is worth subscribing to unlock next courses. Please be advised that Code.Sydney is not affiliated to Vue Mastery.
Slack Link to Code.Sydney's Slack Channel

Training Materials and Training Approach

We will follow the Beginner path of Vue Mastery. We will primarily collaborate in slack and hold regular 40-min Sunday catch ups at 11 am over Zoom to share our progress and any roadblocks along the way.


Kevin Foong


Kevin has over 20 years of working experience in a variety of IT related areas including software development, web design and information management. The latter in the area of library and information science. He is currently working as a System Administrator for NSW Health where he mainly utilises SQL for report generation. He has, in the past few years, been refreshing his skills in the area of web development using technologies such as CSS, Python, Flask, Javascript and VueJS. He is interested in sharing his knowledge and learning from others.

Paul Kang


Paul has over 15 years of commercial experience, currently working as a Cloud Technical Architect with experiences using platforms such as AWS, Azure and Salesforce. Partially works as a Full stack developer particularly focusing on Mobile and Ecommerce related platforms such as Shopify, using Vue, NuxtJS, GraphQL, FastAPI, Python and Flutter. Passionate about exploring practical use cases of AR/VR/XR other than Gaming. Always conscious of online security, emerging trends of technology and machine learning becoming more commoditised for developers to use in their Apps.

Promie Yutasane


Promie is currently working as a Software Engineer at Hireup, a tech company with an online platform that connects people with disability with support workers. He has a very strong focus on full stack development and currently using NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL/Apollo, React and Vue. He is a part-time student at UNSW studying Masters of IT specialising in Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce Systems. Promie spends his spare time mentoring new programmers at Code.Sydney. As one of the pioneer mentors, Promie has introduced standardised processes around GitHub code submission among developers. He is also the chief evangelist of Vue JS in Code.Sydney.

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