Joint Learning Exercise (In partnership with PrettyPrinted)

"Highly Recommended. Take it from me, I have a dozen uncompleted Udemy Python & Flask courses sitting on my laptop. This course takes you from Python basics to a published web app in 5 weeks in a supportive and collaborative small group with two amazing mentors. The two mentors are always on hand to help and offer insights from their own vast industry experience - priceless!"

- Tim, CS-5 Cohort

"I went in this course looking for a solid introduction to Flask. This course delivered that and much, much, more. The mentors were very generous in sharing their experience in the end to end development of a Web app, and I left with a portfolio project hosted in the cloud, and the opportunity to apply these skills to well managed projects. So a big thankyou to Code.Sydney for providing this extremely valuable course!"

- Geoff, CS-5 Cohort

"This course was a great introduction to Python and Flask - getting you to a point where you can code a basic web app. It also paves the way for further learning. The face to face meet ups really help and the support provided by the teachers is terrific - they are more willing to help the students when needed."

- Scott, CS-5 Cohort

"It was a great learning experience. Specially mentors were friendly and responsive. The method of learning was based on practical approach so fun to go through. I would definitely recommend others for this course."

- Samundra, CS-6 Cohort

Projects Testimonials

"Engramar and the Team at Code.Sydney have been a pleasure to work with since the beginning of our professional relationship. As someone with limited I.T. skills, I can confirm the ease of the process and the simple way the information and/or instructions are communicated. Code.Sydney assisted us in the preparation of an innovative app prototype and also a landing page. Both times, Engramar and the Code.Sydney team have gone above and beyond to ensure we are beyond satisfied with the outcome. Code.Sydney will remain my go-to IT company and we can’t wait to work with them on our upcoming web page."

- Carly Mundine, CEO and Founder (DCCAJS)