Dux Servit Award

A Leader Serves

Dux Servit award is given to those who have solved a problem worth solving. The badge is awarded for projects which went live and used by the respective non-profit organisations or community groups.

Kevin Foong

Property Extractor App

Kevin singlehandedly created the property extractor app which helped two Sydney-based charity organisations by providing their back office staff a tool to easily extract potential rental properties as temporary accommodation for those who are on the brink of experiencing homelessness.

Stephen Melben Corral

Lukas Carey
Talking Time Podcast

Stephen Melben Corral had volunteered his time and coding skills to amplify the advocacy of Lukas Carey and Alicia Hebb around the importance of Convict Criminology by building their web presence. Both Lukas and Alicia are actively engaged in the development of policies and procedures and the educational opportunities provided to current and previously incarcerated people.


"This has been the second time that Deadly Connections have engaged Code.Sydney on an IT project. The first was when I requested them to develop a landing page as an interim while waiting for the full website. Even though Code.Sydney are a volunteer group of developers, their dedication to the satisfactory completion of their projects is undertaken with the utmost professionalism.
Code.Sydney kept me updated every step of the way ensuring that every detail is followed and well-executed. Another key differentiator is their level of support after going live, they are always ready to answer our call when help is needed and a regular monthly report of website activities is being generated which can help us determine future improvements."

- Carly Stanley, CEO and Founder (DCCAJS)

"Thank you, Code.Sydney for recommending Kevin Foong to work on the PropertyExtractor project. It has been a pleasure working with him throughout the journey. He is very responsive and always helpful from prototyping until final delivery. I learnt that he is one of the best mentors in Code.Sydney.
Above all, I am most grateful for Kevin’s initiative and guidance to successfully develop a working prototype that my stakeholders are happy to use hence allowing my project to proceed to the next stage. May Code.Sydney and Kevin keep up the good work!"

- Ling-Pei Lin, Volunteer worker for two Sydney-based NFPs

"Talking Time with Lukas and Alicia is a podcast show being run by volunteers. We didn’t have the time or know how to produce a quality website or way for people to get in contact with us. Coming to our rescue was Engamar Bollas and Stephen Melben Corral from Code.Sydney. Even though Code.Sydney is a volunteer group of web developers, the way they steered us through the process of developing and setting up a website for our show, was second to none. With constant communication, advice and expert direction we decided upon the functionality we needed, the features we required and what access we and our listeners needed. The friendly and personalised nature of the Code.Sydney team would make us recommend their work to any other Not For profit or volunteer group. We can not thank Code.Sydney enough and hope to work with them again soon as we continue to grow. "

- Lukas Carey and Alicia Hebb (Founders and Hosts of Talking Time with Lukas and Alicia Podcast)